The Earthiness Challenge

Earthiness /ur’thee-nis/ noun –  A desire to do a little more to protect the planet, but maybe not so much as to be considered a radical environmentalist, just enough to make a difference (as long as it’s not too much trouble) through small and relatively easy acts of reducing one’s environmental impact and becoming more earth conscious (aka environmentalism for the masses).

Even everyday people like you and I can do a little something earthy to help protect the planet. That’s why I created the Earthiness Challenge — to pass along everyday easy ideas for living a slightly greener life. This project was originally published for Earth Day 2016, but it doesn’t matter if you join for Earth Day or any day of the year. Don’t worry — it’s easy and rewarding. So I invite you — no I challenge you — to join!

Join the “Earthiness Challenge”

There are two simple steps to joining the Earthiness Challenge.

1. Read these posts for 30 days and learn a little something new that you can do to protect the environment and reduce your footprint. Don’t know what a footprint is? That’s okay! You’ll learn if you read my blog. I’m not asking you to live off the grid or switch to family cloth (you’ll read about that too), I’m just asking you to read.

2. Share Everyday Earthiness with at least 5 other people. You can spread the word using social media, email, or even just word of mouth.

See? There’s little to it. If you learn just one little thing that you can do differently or better or less or more to help our planet, and I learn something, and your neighbor learns something, and so on, together we can make a big impact.

Here are links to all 30 postings in the Earthiness Challenge. You can read them one at a time for 30 days or all at once. You can read them in order or start with the topics you care the most about. It’s up to you! Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to spread the earthiness!


Day 1: Welcome to the “Earthiness Challenge!”

Day 2: What does ♻️ actually mean?

Day 3: The Beauty of Going Green: Eco-friendly Beauty Tips

Day 4: Getting good at recycling

Day 5: What’s in a cup? The environmental impact of disposable cups

Day 6: What’s your carbon footprint? Why measuring your impact matters

Day 7: Get rid of junk mail, forever

Day 8: Turn Off the Tap: Water and the American Dream

Day 9: The Great Paper Towel Debate

Day 10: Are Your Cleaning Products Clean? 4 Tips for Greening Your Cleaning

Day 11: Greening Your Dry Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning

Day 12: Our Beef With Beef: The Real Impact of Red Meat

Day 13: Water the Essence of Life, Bottles the Essence of Death

Day 14: 10 Eco-Friendly Ways to Celebrate Earth Day on April 22

Day 15: Shopping for Trouble: The Environmental Impact of Plastic Bags

Day 16: This Versus That: The Eco-Scoop on Dishwashers and Water Heaters

Day 17: 8 Cool Must-Have Eco-Gadgets

Day 18: 3 Steps to Reducing your Carbon Footprint

Day 19: Is Buying Organic Good For the Planet?

Day 20: How To Have a More Eco-Friendly Lawn

Day 21: Offsetting Your Carbon Emissions: What You Need To Know

Day 22 (Earth Day): Nature Makes Us Happy (and 12 Other Scientifically Proven Benefits of Nature On Our Health and Wellbeing)

Day 23: Curious About Compost: Composting Demystified

Day 24: Food Waste and the Planet: 6 Ways to Reduce Your “Foodprint”

Day 25: This Versus That: The Eco-Scoop on Garbage Disposals and Radiant Heat

Day 26: Are You Water Rich Or Water Poor? Your Role in the World Water Economy

Day 27: Is “Fair Trade” Good For the Planet?

Day 28: Let’s Talk Trash

Day 29: How Do You Stack Up? Renewable Energy Around the World

Day 30: How To Green Up Your Gift Giving

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Day 9: The Great Paper Towel Debate