It’s Giving Tuesday: Save the Planet!

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giving-tuesdayToday is Giving Tuesday, a day to spread the love to charities of your choice and put your money where your mouth is in terms of the issues you care about. But how will you find the best green charities and environmental action groups to support? Never fear! Everyday Earthiness is here to make things easy for everyday people like you and me by posting comprehensive lists of the best environmental charities — along with eco-friendly gift ideas and resources — to help you make your holiday giving greener than ever this year.

During this Season of Giving, Everyday Earthiness will be sharing the green love by giving our readers helpful tips, ideas and resources each day — from today through Christmas — to teach you how to give green over the holidays, including:

  • Daily tips on green giving and green shopping via Facebook, Twitter, and Google+
  • Weekly “Green Giving” posts collecting all our daily tips — plus bonus info — on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and right here at to help you shop green and make a difference at the same time for the holidays
  • Weekly “Season of Giving” posts listing green charities and action groups that need your support

Season of Giving Post #1

Last week for Thanksgiving we posted our first Season of Giving list, targeting our first recommendations on the most pressing environmental issue: climate change. If you do nothing else environmental this year, please consider donating, volunteering or otherwise supporting any of the groups listed in our post “Season of Giving: 33 Ways to Support Climate Action”. Remember, one-time donations are awesome, but recurring monthly donations are what these groups really need to effectively and efficiently tackle the world’s greatest and most urgent crisis, especially when our own government has threatened to roll back all climate change legislation and international agreements.

What can you do today?

Support climate action charities in any and every way that you can. Spread the word to others about climate change and what you are doing to fight the crisis. Check in with Everyday Earthiness on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ for daily Green Giving tips through Christmas to help with your holiday shopping, and look for weekly Season of Giving and Green Giving posts on all our social media outlets, including LinkedIn and here at Make a commitment to give greener and to make a positive impact through giving this holiday season. Share these ideas to help others get a little greener this holiday season.

Featured resource of the day: Inhabitat always knows how to make your home look great in an environmentally friendly way. Check out their awesome tips on “How to Green Your Holidays With Eco-Friendly Christmas Decor.”

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