14 Awesome Eco-Friendly Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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fluidstance2Trying to decide what to get for Dad this Father’s Day? Why not try giving him something green that benefits him AND the planet? Everyday Earthiness brings you 14 cool gift ideas for a dad who deserves a thoughtful expression of love. Some of these gifts are brand new technology, some are old, but all are great for Dad and for the environment too!

1. Handmade Cotton EcoHammock – Made from 100% recycled materials, these lightweight hammocks for two are assembled by hand from 24 PET plastic bottles and discarded cotton textile cuttings (new materials, not pre-used) in order to cut down on the water waste and toxic, water-polluting dyes. Packs away easily in a carrying bag for storage or to take it on the go. Plus, it’s light on the wallet. For more eco-friendly hammock options, check out this list by UniGuide. $40

2. Wine Barrel Adirondack Chair – These cool chairs are a twist on the old classic and are made from salvaged oak wine barrels. Notice the built in wine glass holder! It is also sold in a rocking chair version for ultimate relaxation. For more wine barrel furniture and accessories, check out www.WineBarrelChairs.com. Or check out other upcycled furniture choices on Etsy. $349

3. Ambient Weather Solar Powered Weather Station – Powered by the sun and a set of rechargeable batteries (included), this outdoor weather station reports wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet and utilizes Wunderground.com’s weather service (a free service). This particular model features a WeatherBridge Internet server, but there are less expensive models out there without the WeatherBridge if you prefer. Please note that the inside observer module (which plugs directly into your router) is powered by A/C adapter. $350

4. Envirocycle Tumbling Composter – Made from UV stabilized recycled plastic and shipped in recycled packaging, this composter is truly environmentally friendly. The enclosed tumbler creates greater composting efficiency than traditional compost piles and bins, and the base even collects compost tea for optional use in your plants and garden. $230

456_1670_large5. Oliberté Sustainable Shoes – This Ethiopia-based company, founded by a Canadian-raised Ethiopian, recently became the first Fair Trade Certified shoe company in the world. Oliberté crafts high-end leather shoes sustainably by using local sourcing and eco-friendly materials wherever possible. But they also support sub-Saharan workers rights and are working to change the perception and negative stereotypes of African people in the process. Not only do these shoes come with a lifetime warranty, a percent of the profits are donated to onepercentfortheplanet.com to support sustainability causes worldwide. $100-140

6. Reel Lawn Mower – Gas-powered lawnmowers are responsible for 5% of America’s air pollution emissions from mowing lawns, with one hour’s use of a new gas-powered mower equalling the use of 11 new gas-powered cars (EPA). Emissions include toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and potent nitrogen oxides. Even worse, the fumes that escape from storing gas for your lawnmower (or snow blower or other gas-powered machinery) leaks out more greenhouse gases than firing up the machines themselves (not to the mention health risks and fire dangers associated with this). So if you have a small lawn, say goodbye to noise pollution and gas fumes at your home and give Dad an enjoyable walk in the yard with one of these completely gas-free, electricity-free mowers. The most convincing review on which reel mower to get comes from TheSweetHome.com, which touts the Scotts 2000-20 20-Inch Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower as the winner, only narrowly edging out the Fiskars Staysharp Max 18-Inch Reel Mower. $139/$178

fluidstance7. Fluidstance – This sustainable bamboo motion board will bring the health benefits of motion to dad whether he’s working at the office or hanging out in the living room. Motion boards like this are proven to help people prolong life, lose weight and reduce disease. What’s more? Fluidstance boards are Greenguard certified, made from naturally sourced renewable bamboo and recycled aluminum, and manufactured in America in a solar-powered facility using a zero-waste manufacturing process and nearly zero emissions powder coating. $289

farmers gin8. Farmer’s Organic Gin – This high end gin is certified organic by the USDA and is made in small batches to ensure quality. Farmer’s Gin gets its unique and complex taste from a balanced selection of botanicals, including juniper, elderflower, lemon grass, coriander, and angelica root. Not into gin? Try one of these 10 organic liquors picked out by Chowhound. $32/750ml

9. Coyuchi Organic Cotton Robe – This waffle robe is made from 100% organic cotton, sourced and woven in Turkey. The material is pre-washed to a soft finish that only gets softer over time. The waffle robe comes in a spa style, and its airy fabric will keep your guy from getting too hot. $98

10. Boulder Protective iPad Case by REVEAL – This recycled fleece iPad case is made from post-consumer plastic bottles. Sporty and stylish with a quilted pattern and double snap pockets, this case fits iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad 1, 2, 3 and 4 as well as most tablets. $68

cheese11. Cheese Club Membership at Cowgirl Creamery – This eco-friendly cheese maker follows sustainable business practices and is known for making their incredible cheeses by sourcing milk from a neighboring 100% organic creamery. Give your father the gift of cheese for 3, 6 or 12 months starting at $225, or purchase one of their gift cards for $50 or $75.

ursa major12. Ursa Major Big Kahuna Skin Care Set – Ursa Major calls their skin care products “super natural” because of the company’s devotion to high quality natural ingredients that are gluten free, cruelty free and toxin free. The Big Kahuna includes UM’s Face Wash, Face Tonic, Face Balm and Shaving Cream for a daily skin care regime free of synthetic chemicals. Plus, it’s guaranteed to satisfy. $99

13. ZeoPack Odor & Moisture Removers by Ecotonix – Place these little bags of zeolite molecules in dad’s shoes, helmets, hockey bag, fruit bowl, fridge, compost bin or anywhere else to remove odors and fight odor-causing bacteria. Although the ZeoPack is fully compostable and non-toxic, made from cotton and zeolite mineral, these little oder eaters last for life and are rechargeable simply by sitting in sunlight for a few hours to release any odor and moisture trapped inside. Plus, they’re proven to be 1,500 times more absorbent than charcoal, the other natural deodorizer. $10

bioo14. Bioo USB Charger – Let dad charge his phone and tablet via plant power. How? Bioo has harnessed the electricity produced by photosynthesis with their cool plant pot power charger. Because photosynthesis never stops, power from this cool little plant is available 24/7 and creates enough juice to recharge up to 2-3 times a day. This gadget is so new it’s currently available for pre-order only, but at a discount off the retail price. Order yours at IndieGogo. 99€

Still haven’t found a gift that’s just right? Check out more ideas at “8 Cool Must-Have Eco-Gadgets” and “How To Green Up Your Gift Giving.”

Featured resource of the day: EcoCult did the work for you by compiling this great list of sustainable/ethical men’s online shops, full of goods and gear for your deserving dad.

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